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Elisabetta D’ambrogio


Elisabetta D’Ambrogio was born in Toritto, in the South of Italy, in 1963.

She is a Wedding Planner: focus on details, love of perfection and a continuous research of the elegance are her characteristics.

She graduated in Architecture, after that, she decided to discover a dynamic and exciting career: events and weddings organizer.

She took part in various, recognized high-ranked masters and trainings, such as Master Wedding in Milan for the Wedding Planner and Floral, with Silvia dei Fiori for Wedding Design, Floral and Scenographic and her active participation in the course held by Angelo Garini expert WP.

Elisabetta has various experiences and achievements abroad, among which the one fulfilled in Moscow is the most noteworthy.

She continues to test herself and increase her knowledge in the Wedding field; for these reasons she has chosen the Destination Wedding, a fundamental service, nowadays, for couples coming from different Countries, that furtherly represents a relevant part of the Italian tourism.

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